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Institute for Colorants, Paint & Coatingss in collaboration with several international institutes will hold the 3rd International Color and Coatings Congress in Tehran, Iran, during November 16-18 2009, focusing on current developments in color and coating science and technologies. This is a great honor and pleasure for me to invite you for participation in the forum to present and share the latest technical research and industrial experiences.

The rapid advances in color and coating technologies coupled with prompt product formulation developments, have led to many new artifacts.
Nowadays, stringent regulation, environmental requirements, standardization needs and economic considerations are the challenging topics in a product manufacture process. So, Investigations on novel technologies to manufacture high quality products considering environmental aspects and market is absolutely mandatory.
In this way, the conference will present a suite of high level technical papers on the following themes:

  1. Surface Coatings (Materials/Applications)
  2. Organic Colorants and their applications
  3. Inorganic Pigments and their Applications
  4. Inorganic Coatings and Glazes
  5. Printing Science and Technology
  6. Color Physics (Color Control and Measurement, Color Imaging and Color Image Processing)
  7. Novel Technologies in Color and Coating Science and Technology (Nano Technology, Bio Technology ...)
  8. Environmental aspect on Color and Coating Science and Technology
  9. Outlook, Market and Technology Trend
  10. Standardization

Focusing on fresh progresses in color and coating technologies, the conference will equip its participants with ideal networking opportunities and up-to-date information.

Ali Akbar Yousefi
Director of Institute for Colorants, Paint & Coatongs
and chair of 3'rd International Color and Coatings Congress
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